Three Shots He Had…Part I

When I chat with my clients through email, I tell them that first of all I would like to meet in some crowded place just to talk and to know each other a little bit (so called interview), I send them my photos and ask them to send me their photos as well (it helps me to understand at once if I should make an interview with him or no, in my job I MUST BE ATTRACTED to the man at least a little bit; without this attraction it will not work). Of course not all of them can do it. Many of my clients care about their privacy and actually I understand them in this case, but, anyway, if some of them can send me a picture it eases my working process really much.

So I’ve got that letter with an attached photo. And as always I was very skeptical, ’cause I got used to the fact, that most of my clients usually attract me just A LITTLE BIT but never 100%.  I was kinda…’Ok, another man, who I will have to like.’ But in this case to my big surprise I look at the photo and shit! He’s damn hot! I was looking at the picture and tried to understand why the hell he needed to pay for sex. I couldn’t see that man there in all his height, but what I saw was enough to make me feel a pretty strong desire to meet him – these broad shoulders, this typical for italian men dark-greish hair (one of my weaknesses), this manly forehead with a stubble (aaahh…again my weakness!), this confident and a little bit brutal expression of his face and these dark-dark glasses. Mmmmm…Veeery interesting exhibit. I didn’t have something like this before. So I accepted his offer to meet…for a coffee of course.

This day was a really busy day for me. Many people were calling me, I was running from one interview to another, making appointments for the next week and bla-bla. So when I was having one of my interviews, my phone started ringing like crazy. It was a number that I didn’t know. “Ok” I thought “I will call back later.” I didn’t want to respond as I was at the interview and despite the fact that I’m a pleasureseller who deals with a lot of men, anyway when I’m with my client, it means that at that moment I’m concentrated on him only, and nobody else. So I just put my phone on ‘vibration’ and sent everybody to hell while I was busy. But still I felt through my bag that my phone was vibrating and vibrating…vibrating and damn vibrating! Shit! Who’s so damn impatient there?! I was very angry. This damn persistent somebody distracted me so much! And this time I didn’t respond not even becuase I was busy, but to take my revenge for distracting me all this time. If a person keeps calling me like this, means that it’s some kinda, don’t know, extra-horny maniac, who just can’t stand anymore!

Ok, I finished my interview and was on my way home, my phone still was ringing. I still didn’t respond. So I came home, started checking my email and again it rings and rings…”Ok-ok-ok, you won, damn Italian bastard, or whoever you are! I’m gonna respond, because you will never leave me alone!”

“Pronto” I finally answer. And the first thing I hear on the other side of the phone is “BELLISSIMA!” Hmmm…to tell the truth didn’t expect such a respond. And somehow it took all of my anger away. This BELLISSIMA-thing even made me embarrassed a little bit and I didn’t know what to answer (ahh…I’m such a typical woman). I was like…’Eeee…grazie, ma chi sei?’ And at once I heard fast Italian babbling in respond. In that period I was hardly speaking Italian. So I didn’t understand almost ANYTHING what he was telling me. “Scusa, ma non parlo italiano bene” I said as usual. And then he told me suddenly “Ah, you prefer English? Ok” Mmm…even like this? “Yes, I prefer English. PLEASE!!!”

So after some minutes of conversation with this persistent bilingual client, it turned out that it was him on that damn photo. And I was really surprised when I found it out. Because as my experience shows attractive men usually are not that persistent like this one. It made my curiosity about him even stronger. What? What is the trick??? Aaaarrrrhhh… Of course I didn’t let him feel my strong curiosity about meeting him and excitement about his picture, I was just calm and friendly as I am always with my clients. And after all we arranged the time for the interview. Over the phone he seemed pretty nice. On the question “How old are you?” he answered “35.” Perfect! Even not that old. So in next couple of hours my curiosity had to be satisfied eventually.

Time has come. I’m at the meeting point. As usual I was not nervous. I was just standing there full of my curiosity. And finally he comes. He was different from the picture I saw. Not better, not worse. Just different. And also he seemed to me a little bit older than 35. Tall – good. Clothes style – approved. Hair – just like on the photo. But eyes…coudn’t see his eyes. They were hidden behind those dark-dark glasses. The most important part I still couldn’t see…

Ok, we went to a bar nearby to have some drink. “You’re different from your picture” he said. Hmm…what does it mean? Is he trying to say that I’m worse than he expected?! “In what way? Better or worse?” I asked a little bit aggressively. “Not better, not worse. Just different” What the hell does it mean? Ok…let’s go further. This man looked like a person who’s always in a hurry. He was sitting there on a chair in front of me, but I had a feeling that the next moment he will rush off and keep running somewhere else. I could feel it from his gestures, from the movements of his head. Even from the manner he talked. But anyway the conversation with him was pretty easy. He was an easygoing guy. His name was L. His behavior was enough polite and enough confident, even despite the fact that he seemed ‘always-in-a-rush’ person. “So why didn’t you respond my calls for such a long time?” Of course he asked me this question. “I forgot my phone at home, sorry, I didn’t see that you called me” I lied don’t even know why…”Yeah, but one of my calls was refused” shit, why the hell does he care about it that much?! “Well maybe it was my flatmate, who refused it. You were ringing pretty many times and my ringtone is pretty loud and annoying” I lied again. And this really obvious lie eventually made him take his glasses off and show me his eyes which were looking at me in a reproachable way. Finally. Now I can see everything. Well…normal eyes, nothing special. Of course he didn’t believe in my stupid lie, but actually I didn’t care. The purpose of our meeting was not the making of excuses of missed calls. Anyway, I was not the only one who was telling lies there. He confessed that he’s age was not 35, but 39. Actually I understood it as soon as I saw him.  But these simple numbers didn’t make me more or less attracted to him. Honestly I still don’t understand what was the point to lie about a miserable 4-year difference…

Anyway, we continued talking. As usual general stuff. Jobs, occupations and bla-bla. Did he attract me physically? Yes, he did. More than other clients. But nothing more. Aaa, actually there was one thing that I liked about L – everytime when I tried to light my cigarette by myself, he was pushing my hand away and was lighting my cigarette with HIS lighter and HIS hand only. All the times that I was smoking during our meeting, he never let me light the cigarette by myself. I could feel some kind of masculinity and domination in this kind of behavior. And I liked it, yes. It was the only thing. With all the rest he seemed like a normal adequate guy, not a freak. But there was nothing special that really could catch me. And actually he didn’t have to catch me. He’s just the one who asked for a service, that’s all. So finally I saw everything I needed. After all my conclusion was: Well…another client; the only bonus is that he attracts me physically and yes, the way he lights my cigarette; in all the rest as usual, just a man. We agreed to meet after a couple of days and I went home without any trace of my initial curiosity…

To be continued