According to the opinion of the majority of people I’m the reflexion of immorality, I’m the one who chose the easiest way to survive in this world, I’m just a rubbish without personality…in other words whore, bitch, slut, prostitute etc.

As for me, I’m not gonna make any excuses. I had my own reasons to start doing what I do and I don’t consider myself neither a slut or a bitch, or whore, or whatever. I have too much brains and too much individuality to be called like that. I know how to please, how to listen and how to look without taking the eyes off. And also, the most important, I know how to feel – to give and to take. Somebody considers it as a biggest mistake in this kind of ‘job’, but for me it’s a life buoy that saves me from loosing myself while doing what I do. I don’t sell just sex and I don’t sell just a body. I don’t sell my heart and I don’t sell my soul. The only thing I sell is pleasure – exhaustless resource which is always in high demand.

Why did I decide to start writing this blog? Well…you know, the privacy of a pleasure seller is equal in some way to the privacy of a killer – those who know about what you do can’t understand what you feel, and those who can understand what you feel can’t know what you do…

So I’m in my early 2o’s. My name is X. I live in Rome. And I’m a pleasure seller. Nice to meet you, dear reader. Since now on I’m not alone…


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